Thankful Week

I am celebrating Thankful Week in my online classroom. I will use a very special Thanksgiving themed activity this week to teach my students to be thankful. I call this my, “Thankful Background.”

Read the directions below.

I created a printable to get you started. This can be used as your turkey background or it can be used to add feathers to the turkey as a reward.

Get the FREEbie printable here.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about Thankful Week!

Turkey Walk and Pumpkin Reward, FREE PDF

It’s time for some turkeys! Yes, these turkeys love to take a walk on a lovely fall day. I love these images of realistic turkeys. I have paired these with pumpkins. Here is some FALL perfection! We sure love Turkey at Thanksgiving time. Did you know?

Around 46 million turkeys are eaten around Thanksgiving, according to the US Poultry and Egg Association. That’s around as many turkeys as the entire population of Spain.

Did you know that our students in China are not familiar with turkeys? In fact, turkey meat in China is all imported and very expensive. I had one of my online students tell me that turkey was a BIG chicken.

I’ve included in this printable helpful images to help teach the vocabulary words. I will teach that in November in America (holding up my American flag) we eat:


Pumpkin Pie

Online Class Assembly

I like this laminated with magnets. I will print the turkey and pumpkins and laminate them. I will cut them close and place the magnets on the back.

I will print the background on a regular piece of paper to make a scene. I will put this on a magnetic baking sheet.

Get the printable here.

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