Thanksgiving Table, FREEbie

It’s time for a feast. If you are celebrating in America this holiday, this printable is so fun to use in your online classroom. I love this set for teaching about the meal and some names of the food items.

I bet your student doesn’t know about turkey! Have fun teaching them using this too.

Assembly Instructions

This is best printed, laminated, and assembled with velcro. I enjoy smaller pieces assembled and stuck on the background. Add some extra pieces on back of this background and add them to the table

Classroom Use

I will start with the table empty and say, “In America we are having a festival. It is called Thanksgiving. We will celebrate with a special dinner with family. We will eat many things. “

As I take a brain break in class or reward a star, I will add an item to the table. I will say, “This is turkey.” I will use TPR to ask the student to repeat TURKEY.

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Make a Pizza, FREE Printable

Online classroom teaching is powerful when rewards are teaching tools. I use special reward to enhance my classroom experience by teaching my student the words in English. Extension activities are popular with our parents and students. They bring something fun to the classroom environment. When I feel the class will be very easy or not interest the student, I add in a detailed reward that will lend itself to many extensions in class.

This special printable is a class favorite of my online students. Students LOVE pizza! In America, we add toppings on our pizza that are very different than the pizza that our students experience in China.

I use this teachable reward in class. I use velcro and place the items on the pizza background. At the start of class, I say….”Today we will make a pizza. Let’s choose one.” I hold up the topping choices at intervals in class and reward the star once they pick a topping and place on pizza. I teach a sentence depending on the students level.

Lower levels say: This is fish. This is cheese.

Upper Levels say: I like cheese on my pizza because it is good. I like pepperoni on my pizza because it is salty.

Every kid I have met in my online classes have LOVED pizza. Have fun in class with this special printable. Happy Teaching! Happy Pizza!

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Disney Characters and Castle, FREEBIE PDF

There are certain things in our online classroom that are pretty universal. I have to say that Disney is one of them. The classic characters and castle are recognizable for our students. Many students have traveled and visited Shanghai Disney. Some online teachers have even held classes with their students while they visit this fun place. It’s a kid favorite!

I like to use these in my online classroom. It is one of my students favorite rewards and sure to get a smile. Here is a free printable PDF two page reward system.

I like to use these and teach the student the character name. I also teach a sentence, “Mickey sees the castle.” If the student is an upper level student I teach them, “Mickey visits the castle.” This versatile reward is fun to use in our online classroom.

Note: These Disney characters are not mine. They are for your FREE use in your online classroom. Enjoy!

Disney Castle Printable, Click here