On the Farm, FREEbie

It’s time for some farm yard fun. I love this set and it covers all the animals I’ve seen and taught about on the farm.

Assembly Instructions

I like this set printed, and laminated. These are so small so it is easy to tilt on the screen. I use plain regular laminate for props used for classes when I teach this content.

Classroom Use

I like this set as popsicle stick props. I laminated and then cut them close with a small white border behind them. I taped with regular scotch tape a popsicle stick on the back. I will place these in a small file sorter box and then pull out them when I teach about farm animals.

This set can be used as a reward too. I love this set with velcro. I would attach some animals on the back and remove and place them in the farm to teach.

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Bonus: Digital Effects with ManyCam

In addition to printed 2D props and rewards, I use digital tools too. Learn more about how to use Digital Effects for the Farm on ManyCam on my website.

Fall Harvest-Printable, FREEbie

Happy Fall to you! I am excited for all things FALL. Let’s bring on the pumpkin spice. Please enjoy this fall harvest reward. This is great for this season and for units on the farm.

Assembly Instruction

I print this out, laminate, cut and assemble. I like this set up with velcro because it keeps all the pieces together. I place 1/2 inch velcro dots on the harvest items and then place on the background. I place extra pieces on the back with velcro.

Online Classroom Use

At the start of class say, “Today we will celebrate on the farm. We will earn many things on the farm.” As a brain break in class, I will show an item and add the the background. I will teach the vocabulary word and a sentence. “Scarecrow.” “This is a scarecrow.” If you online classroom portal has a star system. I click the star and say, “Hooray, you get a scarecrow star!”

Fall Harvest Printable, Click Here

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