Dragon Boat Festival, PDF FREEbie

Here is a blog post for ESL teachers in China. If you are teaching students in China, get ready!

Dragon Boat Festival is coming on June 14th. This special holiday is also referred to as the Double Fifth Festival because of the date of the festival. It occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese calendar.

There are lots of traditions and historical significance to this day.

Read more about the festival here.

One traditional activity is dragon boat racing. I like to simulate this in class. It’s so fun to add characters to a dragon boat and race.

I created this year’s printable with a dragon boat. I will print this on cardstock (it’s only once a year). I will cut Meg, Mike, and Dino close and then put them in the dragon boat. Have fun celebrating!

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FREE Printable, Dragon Boat Resources, 6/25

I am hosting Dragon Boat Races in my classroom this week. I am using a PDF printable resource to print dragon boats, washi tape to make lines, a large dice to move the boats, and pom poms to cheer on the dragon boats. It is so fun to add special holiday celebrations into my online classes.

Use this free PDF to print your own Dragon Boats. Have fun and race!

FREE Printable: Click Here