How to take your PDF’s from TPT-Teacher’s Pay Teachers to digital activities for 💲💲FREE

When the Pandemic hit, teachers got innovative and created a new way to teach and now TPT has a tool to make it even better…..

DO NOT watch a YouTube video to learn how to use the tool that’s 20 minutes of fluff with 2 minutes of content. I can teach you how to use Easel in five short videos.

Learn from me! I am a professional online teacher and Google Certified Trainer, my superpower🦹‍♀️🦹‍♀️ is taking difficult technical tools and break them down so you can learn to use them with classroom application and competence.

✨Easel by TPT makes the PDF’s you buy from TPT into a digital assignment

✨Don’t worry, if you are a teacher who doesn’t use TPT resources, you can upload your own PDF and make it a digital assignment

✨Assign to students in Google Classroom or by link to Seesaw, Canvas, or other SMS

Mini-Course with FIVE lessons Included

💲💲It’s FREE to learn!💲💲

Please note: students must have a Google Account to use Easel by TPT.

5 Self-Paced Video Lessons

Introduction: Basics Setup

Learn how to connect your TPT account to Easel, set up your google student account, and features.

Lesson 1: My Activities/My TPT listings

Learn how to bring your TPT activities you purchased into Easel in this video.

Lesson 2: Create

Learn how to add your own PDF into Easel.

Lesson 3: Tools Tour

Learn how all the tools work including adding shapes, fillable boxes, etc.

Lesson 4: Preview

Use Easel to demonstrate and show students how to complete activities.

Lesson 5: Assign and Review

Send to students in Google Classroom or by link.

Meet your Tech Coach with Style

Amanda Panda Teacher is a professional online ESL teacher, ETSY crafter, and Google Certified Trainer who creates resources, courses, and tools for teachers teaching online or in traditional school settings, so they can use the best tools and technology, to teach amazing classes. Amanda presents at Statewide conferences in her home state of California, blogs, and makes YouTube videos. Amanda is a passionate supporter of teachers and loves supporting new teachers. Her patience, knowledge, and enthusiasm win over her audience every time! 

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“I’ve been teaching technology for a long time and the NUMBER ONE asked question is how to make my PDF into a digital resource. Well, I have an answer now!”

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