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Meet your Course Instructor, Amanda Panda Teacher

Amanda Panda Teacher is an online ESL teacher with technology skills! In her classroom brick and mortar practice she was the technology leader at her school for many years. She served on the technology committees in two school districts and had the honor of rolling out over 7,000 Chromebooks in a one to one program in 2009. Amanda has worked for a leading technology professional organization completing training online and in person for technology tools. Amanda is a Google Certified Trainer with over 15 years of classroom teaching experience and three years of online ESL teaching experience. She is a dedicated creator of resources that use technology for teachers. Amanda is a two year user of ManyCam and uses it to enhance her teaching. She lives by the motto, “Show me again,” and believes that in technology training no question should be overlooked and everyone should feel successful. Amanda is patient and helpful technology trainer and truly loves helping people succeed.