Got bored students? 💥Boom💥 Cards are self checking activity cards that kids LOVE!

You can use them to reinforce and practice while virtual learning, on smart boards, and assign for homework. Think GOOGLE slides style, but moveable and quiz style! YES!

You get! Five Digital Course Lessons -Self Paced

$0.00$ Yep, FREE, totally FREE!

Hey, Amanda Panda….

Who is the mini-course for?

The course is designed for ANY teacher in any context. This is not for Kindergarten ONLY. The tools we will learn are universal. We’d had ESL Teachers, Preschool Teachers, Sunday School Teachers, Grade School teachers, and more in our course. Any educator is welcome!

In addition, this is NOT a grade or subject specific training. Boom Cards can be used with any grade, subject area, and teaching context. Here are some examples.

Outschool- Create a Boom Card deck and share the fast pin for students to practice after you teach the lesson. No student log in needed.

Brick and Mortar Kindergarten-Create a Boom Deck for your morning meeting. Invite students up to the smart board and use the Boom Deck for practicing Sight Words.

Virtual Distance Learning or Hybrid Teacher- Use Boom Decks from the Library in Boom Learning-FREE to assign for student work learning about subtraction facts to ten. Assign to the students the use of Boom Card Decks in Google Classroom.

Preschool Teacher- Use Boom Decks from Teachers Pay Teachers and assign students to use on their IPads at a learning technology center to practice shapes and colors.

Hey, Amanda Panda…

What are the lessons?

Lesson One: Classes
In this lesson we will begin with creating our classes or importing them. We’ll talk about account set up with co-teachers and more! You can do so many things with the FREE version of Boom Cards! You’ll learn and explore classes.
Lesson Two: Library
In this lesson, Library we will learn how to add Boom Cards Decks to use and how to organize them.
Lesson Three: Store
Boom Cards have their own currency. Don’t worry, there are tons of free ones. We’ll learn how to find FREE Boom cards and paid ones too.
Lesson Four: Studio
Learn the basics in how to create using the studio in Boom Cards. This is where we edit, create, and make our own Boom Cards. Don’t worry, this lesson will go super slow! Step by Step! OUR LIVE WORKSHOP will cover this lesson ONLY! We will build some other types of Boom Cards together in the LIVE workshop. Join me!
Lesson Five: Reports
Learn how to access reports to show student work and progress. This lesson will teach you how to see what students score on Boom Cards and which students are completing work and which students are not.
In addition, this lesson will teach how to add Boom Cards and assign in Seesaw and Google Classroom!
The course includes a special bonus step by step tutorial to help you access Boom Cards from TPT-Teachers’ Pay Teachers. There are thousands of FREEbies to get you started and this video will show you how.

Hey, Amanda Panda….

What does the course look like?

Hey, Amanda Panda…

I’ve got questions…

What tech tools do I need?

I suggest accessing the website for this course on a PC or MAC. It will be hard to see the tools, and links if you use a tablet or IPAD for creation. Boom Learning is a website. With an account, you gain access to features including creating Boom Cards to create yourself and sell to other teachers. Boom cards can be accessed and assigned with a FREE plan. There are limits to this plan. You can purchase upgrades to get more features.

You will need a Boom Learning Account, PC or MAC! That’s it!

What time commitment is required for this course?

There are five lessons in the course. Each lesson is under fifteen minutes (The Studio Lesson is longer!!). Most videos are much less.

The total time requirement is for one hour of work to view the tutorials.

What can I do with my Boom Cards?

You can access a database of thousands of FREE already created Boom Cards decks to assign to your student. You can create self grading decks for ALL subject areas. There are thousands of Boom Cards uses!

Boom Cards are really amazing tools and will still be part of your teaching if you are virtual or distance learning. Boom Cards make GREAT smart board morning warm ups, small group practice, tech station for writer’s workshop, and more!

What else is included?

The mini-course includes letters to parents and families in PDF form. Choose the letter to send to parents to invite them to use Boom Cards at home. These are great to help you get started.

Here are Boom Cards in Action-Simple!

No student account, no log in for student, no rostering! Students can use a PIN that you create through Boom Learning and use!

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