Summer Learning Online Workshop-“Bitmoji your Classroom”

Use your Bitmoji in your classroom for more than the “cutesy” stuff!

When the Pandemic hit, teachers got innovative and creative……tech is in!

Let’s create Google Slides Virtual Spaces, Block Posters for Your Bulletin Boards, & Images in Canva.

Mini-Course with Five Videos, Included

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🌞Summer Learning🌞 Discounted Price $17.00

Bitmoji Virtual Spaces, Google Slides

Learn how to make a clickable, linked virtual spaces using Google Slides. Students can access this one slide deck and click on your curated resources. I’ve got links to amazing Facebooks to get FREE decks and all the room decorations you’ll ever need for your virtual space. I love linking YouTube videos in my virtual space and you’ll learn how.

Create Graphics in Canva

Learn the basics of an amazing creation tool that is FREE. It’s my favorite! I am a Google Girl, but Canva really butters my bread! Canva allows you to overlay and add your Bitmoji to make custom images, rewards, printables, logos, and more. You’ll love this introduction to Canva in the mini-course

Create Bitmoji BLOCK Posters

I think everyone needs a block poster of their Bitmoji. I’ll show you how to make and assemble a large printable for your classroom decorations, online teaching background, or Sunday School Class.

Teachers are raving about this course…..

Meet your Tech Coach with Style

Amanda Panda Teacher is a professional online ESL teacher, ETSY crafter, and Google Certified Trainer who creates resources, courses, and tools for teachers teaching online or in traditional school settings, so they can use the best tools and technology, to teach amazing classes. Amanda presents at Statewide conferences in her home state of California, blogs, and makes YouTube videos. Amanda is a passionate supporter of teachers and loves supporting new teachers. Her patience, knowledge, and enthusiasm win over her audience every time! 

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“Learning new tech tools takes time and energy. I know you are low on both. A five lesson workshop is a great place to start!”

Why not start with something fun?

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What tech tools do I need?

Bitmoji is a FREE app on Iphone and Android. It has no cost to download and use. The download of the app on your cell phone can be a one time set up to create your avatar (character) and edit hair, eyes, face, etc. After using this app on your cell phone, you can work on your Bitmoji to create on your computer. This can be accomplished on PC or MAC computers. You MUST use the Chrome browser.

In addition we will use Google Slides (FREE), Canva (FREE plan), and a website (FREE). Hooray for FREE!

What time commitment is required?

There are five lessons in the course. Each lesson is under fifteen minutes (Google slides is 18!!). Most videos are much less. The total time requirement is one hour to watch the course videos.

What can I make with my Bitmoji?

Oh, boy! This is a great question and should be phrased…. “What can you NOT make with a Bitmoji?” Bitmoji’s can be incorporated into any print media for your classroom such as newsletter, posters, bulletin boards, charts, and more. In our last lesson in the course, we will teach you to make a bitmoji BLOCK poster that you can print and assemble for FREE. Bitmojis can be used in all digital projects you work on too. You can use them to create printable reward systems with your face, create google slides, and make virtual classrooms. In addition, you can set up your gmail account and sign emails with bitmojis too.

What does the course look like?