Busy Bees and Honey, FREEbie

Hey friends! It’s spring time and bees are making honey. Use this printable reward with LOTS of buzzing sound effects to share with your student. I enjoy rewards that are interactive and fun. I am going to fly these bees all over my screen.

Printable PDF

I like to print this, laminate, and then cut the honey bees close. I place them on the hive as I reward stars in my online classroom. Scroll to the bottom for links to this printable PDF.

Grab this printable PDF here

Digital Tools (ManyCam)

I use ManyCam for digital tools and rewards in my online classroom. I will take the image of the bee hive and make it a background in my ManyCam as a preset. I will use bees in ManyCam’s database of thousands of effects. Hide these away and add them to the hive as I teach as a reward. Watch this video Tutorial.

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  1. Hello Amanda! I must be blind… but I don’t see a link to the pdf? Thank you for all your amazing tips here!

  2. Love the live tutorial and animated use of bee hive reward. Thanks for PDF version, too. I don’t use the ManyCam, but you do it so wonderfully. Thanks for sharing. LCW

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