Lantern Festival, Animal Riddles Printable FREEbie

Celebrate in class this week with a fun printable Animal Riddle Printable.

On the Lantern Festival, 2/26, 2021 students will make a lantern and write riddles and ask friends to solve them. Bring this fun tradition to your online classroom with this cute OX animal riddle.

Assembly Directions:

Print two pages. I like this printed on cardstock since it is seasonal. Cut out the scrolls. Use tape putty behind to attach to lantern in the center of the background page with ox. Ask student to solve the riddle. When the student answers, give a star.

I support my lower level students with sound effects to guess the animals and will read for them if their English is limited.

I will use this all through my classes until 3/1. It’s so fun to play a guessing riddle game. Have fun!

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