Kids LOVE cupcakes! ManyCam Reward and Printable, FREEbie

It’s time for CAKE! Kids all around love cake and all things cake. This cute cupcake reward is so fun! I use this printable in my online classroom and reward my student cupcakes. I place each cupcake on the cupcake plate and enjoy lots of discussion.

These are colored different colors. Using colored cupcakes gives me a chance to speak with my students and use their knowledge of colors.

I love this set printed on paper, laminated, and placed with magnets on the back. Cut the cake stand plate close and put on a baking sheet. Enjoy some CAKE!

Grab the FREEbie Printable here!

Enjoy a digital ManyCam Reward

Get the image of the cake stand and add this to your Manycam presets as an image.

Watch this video on how to set up a reward for your online class in ManyCam.

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