Santa’s Friends

Meg, Mike and Dino are Santa’s favorite friends. Here are some printable goodies to help you celebrate this year. I am getting ready for some holiday fun in my classroom. I hope you are too.

Decorations-Banner of Stockings

Here are some letters for teachers with VIPKID. I love these on stockings. These are two pages. I will print these, laminate, and cut close. I will use a hole puncher and yarn to string.

Grab this printable here.

Dino’s Best Friends are here!

Here is a one page printable with Meg, Mike and Dino with Santa Hats. They are Santa’s favorite friends. I will print these and use them for resources popsicle stick props for the month. How fun!

Grab this printable here.

Last year’s BANG Up GOOD IDEA!

Last Christmas I used a fidget spinner game in my classroom. I created the printable for this game with the Meg, Mike, and Dino in the image above.

Here is a video on how to do it. Please excuse this video….it is from a newbie on YOUTUBE. Sorry….you have to start somewhere.

Get the printables and read last year’s blog post here.

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