Cyber Monday Deals, 11/30, Hurry!

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Crocodile Dentist*

Regular Price $24.99, Cyber Monday, $17.49

I found the crocodile dentist on sale. It’s never been this cheap. I’ve been watching this one. Hurry!

External Monitor*

Regular Price, $159, Cyber Monday, $119

This monitor is a great deal at 25 percent off. This features a very high resolution monitor so you’ll get a very clear picture. This is a great price for this quality of a monitor. Make sure to measure the space to make sure you can fit this monitor in your work space. This one is 27 inches…HUGE! Bigger is so good, but make sure you have the space.

Ethernet Cable*

This ethernet cable is key to online teaching. It is 100 feet of cord so it can run from a downstairs router to an upstairs room. I use a cord like this that my husband ran up the walls to my office. Wired internet is key to success and less tech issues.

Regular Price $15.00, Sale, $11.19

Computer Device for Teaching, Lenovo*

On sale, $859.00

Check out this device. It is a good choice for teaching. For using digital tools I’d suggest a 16GB with a graphics card. This one is great for teaching. Fast! Lenovo is the number one rated device and brand.

Lenovo ThinkPad T495s (20QKS2DF00) Laptop, 14″ FHD Display, AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 3700U Upto 4.0GHz (this is fast!), 8GB RAM (this ram will work for teaching 16GB is more for the future, this is good for now), 256GB NVMe SSD (SSD memory is good, this NVMe is a good type), Vega 10, HDMI, DisplayPort via USB-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Windows 10 Pro

Sam’s Club Online

Here is another deal from Sam’s Club. This is a great device.

ETSY: Amanda Panda Teacher

I’ve got my entire shop on sale until 11pm on Cyber Monday!

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