Black Friday, 2020 Deals for Online Teachers

Here are my best suggestions for tools for your online classroom on Black Friday SALE. There are some great deals out there. Please note: these links are affiliate links so a small portion of your purchase comes back to me.


Hooray! My favorite set is on SALE! Yes, I have this set as a wireless set. This one is wired, but a GREAT choice.

I created a whole video about how much I LOVE this one. Watch it here.

This set is best for people with glasses. I would not suggest this if you have a teeny sized head.

Regular Price, $79.99, Black Friday Deal $59.99


Logitech brands are the top suggested webcam tool for online teachers. These are really hard to come by. In this time of COVID 19 these are WAY overpriced. Here is another good choice.

This brand is highly rated with over 4k reviews. It is a highly respected brand and a great price.

Regular Price, $39.99, Black Friday deal $33.99

Device PC-Teaching ONLY

Here is a great device at a good price for your online teaching classroom. This device will have enough good computer components to run your class for now and in the future too. If you are looking to use digital tools and effects. I would look at my second recomendation for this.

Lenovo is the number one rated computer brand. At a minimum any computer you buy should have 8GB of RAM (if you can afford 16GB go for that, it will serve you well in the future). This device processor has speeds of about 4.2GHZ, that’s great. At minimum you’ll want 2.9GHZ or above. Look for an i7 processor or i5 newer generation (this one is i5). The display is on the smaller size 14 inches so you may want an external monitor. I love mine external monitor. Game changer!

Regulary Price, $999, Black Friday, $889.

In addition, I would check out best buy for devices that are a little better priced than this Amazon one. These two are great prices on Best Buy.

Device PC-Digital Tools, ManyCAM

Acer Gaming Computer

This device has great specs. Here are some highlights…..

Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop, 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, 15.6″ Full HD IPS 144Hz Display, 16GB DDR4, 256GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, Waves MaxxAudio, Backlit Keyboard, AN515-54-728C

This is a fast processor with a newer generation. We are on gen 10 now. i7 is more than you’d need for online teaching. NVIDIA graphics cards are dedicated graphics cards, this is great. It has a dedicated graphics card with dedicated RAM to run video. 16GB of RAm is a great amount of power and this type of ram is fast. NVME SSD=fast. Fast turn on and fast processing.

Regular Price, 1049, Black Friday, $889 (This is a steal!!)

Gaming Mouse for ManyCAM

I have this gaming mouse for ManyCam. With the touch of a button, I can change my presets. (Join my course ManyCam Kindergarten in January to learn how to use this.) I LOVE this set up for mice. This one works great.

Regular Price $13.99, Black Friday, $10.99

ManyCam Software on SALE

ManyCam is having a 40 percent off sale. This is a great opportunity to get a plan at a great price. Check out ManyCam’s plans here.

The best deal is STUDIO Lifetime here.

If you are a VIPKid teacher we have a discount for the studio plan in our six apple club that puts the year long price to $24.95. This is a one year membership. Check out this discount if you qualify.

ManyCam’s sale starts on Black Friday.

Ring Light, Best Price

I suggest ring lights in sets of two. One on either side of your computer and not shining directly into your face. Watch my video here about setting this up.

My favorite ring light is NOT the clip on kind. I love this set on a tripod. This is a great price. This ring light has settings for different light and brightness settings too. This is a great tool.

Regular Price, $20.99, Black Friday, $16.99

Ice Cream Alphabet Props, Lower Levels

Here is a great deal on my favorite prop for lower levels. I LOVE these. Ice cream and letters are a HUGE HIT with our students. I even used these with my own kindergarten kiddo. I purchased this set and would recommend this for your classroom.

Regular Price, $24.99, Black Friday, $16.58 (that’s a deal)

Pizza Party Set

Every kiddo loves pizza. This set would be great with velcro added on back to attach the pieces and make pizza.

Regular Price $19.99, Black Friday, $14.94

ETSY: Amanda Panda Teacher

My Etsy shop is having a sale too. I’d love you to take a look around. My entire shop will be 20 percent off until 11/30.

VIPKID SWAG Store, Black Friday

20 percent off, Hurry Black Friday ONLY

The Good Fortune Box, Shop the Box

Use code OHSNAP until noon for an extra 20% off items.

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