On the Farm, FREEbie

It’s time for some farm yard fun. I love this set and it covers all the animals I’ve seen and taught about on the farm.

Assembly Instructions

I like this set printed, and laminated. These are so small so it is easy to tilt on the screen. I use plain regular laminate for props used for classes when I teach this content.

Classroom Use

I like this set as popsicle stick props. I laminated and then cut them close with a small white border behind them. I taped with regular scotch tape a popsicle stick on the back. I will place these in a small file sorter box and then pull out them when I teach about farm animals.

This set can be used as a reward too. I love this set with velcro. I would attach some animals on the back and remove and place them in the farm to teach.

Get the FREE Printable, Click Here.

Bonus: Digital Effects with ManyCam

In addition to printed 2D props and rewards, I use digital tools too. Learn more about how to use Digital Effects for the Farm on ManyCam on my website.

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