Monthly Booking, VIPKid Teachers Help!

The biz has changed! Bookings strategy and format has changed for online teachers for VIPKid. With this change has come lots of confusion.

My hope is some simple explanation can help you. Read on, here are the basics.

There are two types of monthly booking types: REQUESTS and RESERVATIONS.


Monthly Booking Reservations are requests to hold your slots. These are like a reservation at a restaurant. These are saved spots. These are color coded blue.


Monthly Booking Requests are requests that are booked. These are like a hot date. You better get ready to teach this slot. These are booked slots. These are color coded orange.

Why should I accept these?

If four week booking requests are the new business, then you should rethink your strategy to start using these. If our students are getting into slots for four weeks with the teacher they prefer, then there will be less slots left over. Accepting four week bookings will help you fill slots. One Saturday, I received eleven of these. That is 44 slots I may miss out on if I don’t consider monthly requests.

Check out these videos to learn more:

This is my LIVE video.

This is a collaboration discussion with other teachers from VIPKid.

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