Online Teacher Lighting

Good lighting is key in your online classroom. Your goal in set up is to have very little shadows on your face. In order to achieve this, I’ve got some tricks that work for me.

#1 Use Balanced Light

Balanced light means that if you put a light on the left side of your computer you put one on the other side too. I use two upper lights for my face and general camera view. I use two additional lights for my background lighting.

Watch the YouTube video below to see my set up.

This is at minute: 6:53 of this video.

#2 Diffuse the Light

Lots of online teachers suggest an expensive light box setup for professionals. This is very costly. I use tissue paper and rubber bands. NOTE: ONLY DO THIS with LED lightbulbs. Older light bulbs could catch fire and I don’t want you burning your house down. I add a piece of tissue, two layered around the light and a rubber band to hold it on.

Watch this in my video linked below.

This is at minute 3:00

#3 Use Warm Light and Daylight

I like ring lights with different settings. I set one as a warmer light and one as a daylight mode. It is nice to have options. Make sure to check for these.

Looking to purchase lighting for your online classroom?

Check out My Classroom page on my website.

Check out my video review of four lights: ring small clip on, Walmart desk lamps, ring tripod, and ring book reader here.

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