Online Teacher Headphones

Having technology tools that work is key! I’ve tried two sets of headphones for my online classes. Here is my review of each of them.

Logitech H390

I used this pair of headphones for my first two years teaching online. I liked this and they worked for me. They finally fell apart after my kitty cat chewed the wires. My Logitech head set was a quality pair that worked for a time.

I had a good use for the mute button on the wire. This helped me to mute myself in the online classroom. This is a good headset for teachers with smaller heads. It is adjustable and flexible. View this pair on Amazon. *These links are affiliate links.

Corsair Void, RBG Wireless

I upgraded after two years of teaching. This pair has so many good things going for it. The #1 thing is the sound quality. The sound quality is so amazing. I can hear the quietest kid. It is a high quality headphone with the ability to hear the student clearly in the classroom. I listen to my quietest student on half volume.

NOTE: This pair is great for people with glasses. I have a larger sized head and these are good for me, if you head is teeny, I would pass on this pair.

The headphone comes wireless and wired. The wireless pair is what I have. I enjoy having no wire to worry about in my classroom. View this wireless pair on Amazon. Here is the wired pair. *These links are affiliate links.

Check out this video review of both headphones on my YouTube Channel.

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