Thanksgiving Table, FREEbie

It’s time for a feast. If you are celebrating in America this holiday, this printable is so fun to use in your online classroom. I love this set for teaching about the meal and some names of the food items.

I bet your student doesn’t know about turkey! Have fun teaching them using this too.

Assembly Instructions

This is best printed, laminated, and assembled with velcro. I enjoy smaller pieces assembled and stuck on the background. Add some extra pieces on back of this background and add them to the table

Classroom Use

I will start with the table empty and say, “In America we are having a festival. It is called Thanksgiving. We will celebrate with a special dinner with family. We will eat many things. “

As I take a brain break in class or reward a star, I will add an item to the table. I will say, “This is turkey.” I will use TPR to ask the student to repeat TURKEY.

Get this fun printable here.

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