Halloween Dress up, Online Teachers

A great opportunity is coming to celebrate with our students and dress up in costumes for the holiday. Think back to when you were little, did you remember that lesson on reading or math? Nope, we remember the special things that we do as teachers to celebrate the holidays.

Next week, I am celebrating online with my students. I will dress in costume and celebrate with some fun surprises.

I want to encourage you to try and dress up this year.

My Halloween Story

I am a Christian and was raised in a VERY conservative family. I went to church on Halloween for a Jesus Loves you party that I loved in costume. I celebrated with candy, costumes, and games. I NEVER went trick or treating as a child.

I married my husband 15 years ago and my Halloween plans drastically changed. My husband’s birthday is on Halloween. When he was little he thought that all the kids in the neighborhood were celebrating with him. His house was in a PRIME neighborhood for trick or treating.

I have merged both beliefs into a fun holiday I celebrate with my family. We celebrate with a front yard firepit and pie (my husbands favorite). We get thousands of trick or treaters in our neighborhood and give out 15 bags of candy. I say to each kid, “You are so cute. God Bless you.”

Online ESL Classes

My students take many classes each week to learn English. I teacher a loyal crew of regulars who are often taking two to three classes a day. In my class teaching, I try and make each class special. For Halloween and other holidays, I go all out. Remember, students will remember memorable classes and fun teachers. Your key to rebooking is customer service and it is GREAT customer service to make fun classes for KIDS!

No, I don’t teach the history of Halloween to my students.

Yes, I share trick or treating and costumes.

No, kids in China don’t all celebrate Halloween

Yes, they all like candy and fun!

Introducing the Holiday

In larger cities in China kids will be familiar with Halloween. They may see pumpkins and trick or treat buckets in their stores. They may see witches hats sold as costumes. In fact, the most common item I see for Halloween is a witches hat. If you have one, use it.

Students in grades three and below usually have a costume celebration in their English classes at their school. This may involve candy and costumes. Students in higher levels of school do not. My upper level student told me that kids in her grade of school do not dress up.

I say to my students, “In America (hold flag), we have a holiday on October 31. It is Halloween. Today we will…….”

That’s it!!!

It is simple to teach our students and celebrate with them.


I will use two rewards in my classes this year. Read my past posts about these special rewards. Click Links below!

Halloween Doors Trick or Treat

Pumpkin Jack O Lantern

THREE, yes 3 Costumes

I will dress in various costumes starting on Sunday, 10/25 until Sunday, 11/1.

I will use simple headbands, face paint, and shirts to make my costumes. I love the dollar tree or dollar store as a resource.

Here are some of my costumes from last year.

Check out my YouTube Video for a step by step to create your own costume and use rewards for the holiday.

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