Teaching Synthetic Phonics for Online ESL Classroom

In my online ESL classes, I teach for a company called VIPKid. This online company uses Synthetic Phonics to teach our students how to read. This helpful strategy takes some practice to get right.

When we attended school, we may have learned the letter sounds very different. In order to build our student’s language skills, I teach Synthetic Phonics. Here are some tips to help you.

What is Synthetic Phonics

Synthetic Phonics is a method of teaching reading that involves the teaching of the sounds of the phonemes (these are speech sounds) and letter sound phonemes to build on these to help the student read.

For example: Teach the sound of the letters for the word C A T

Teach: C says “kkk”

Teach: A says “aaah”

Teach: T says, “tttt” NOT tuh!

Teach: “KKK” “aaah” tttt” CAT

In synthetic phonics we say the single phonemes for each sound and add no other sound when teaching the letters of the alphabet. In VIPKID level two we teach the two letters AT together to say the “aaattt” sound. This is the phoneme for the letters AT.

Classroom Practice

It is key to begin our phonics instruction in the lower levels with beginning English students off right. If we start teaching them that letter H says HUH or letter V says VUY, this will hinder their ability to blend sounds to read.

For example: Teach the word VAT (THE WRONG WAY)

Teach: V says, “VUY” (WRONG)

Teach: AT says “aaattt”

When blending this word the student will say, “VUHAAAT.”

Teaching Strategy

I use an index card paper and write the letter sound with the added sound the student is doing wrong. I show this in class to the student and then rip off the added phonemes that are incorrect. For Example: for D. I write DUH on an index card. I tear and rip off the UH. Watch this strategy at the end of this video below.

Instructional Video

Please view this instructional video to learn the synthetic phonics for the letters A to Z.

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