Halloween Trick or Treat Doors, FREEbie

It’s time for some Trick or Treat fun. I just love this reward and it is super fun to use in class. I will use this the week of Halloween in my online class and continue with a bucket and real candy for later on that week. Have fun!


  • I will laminated and then cut close all the items on page 2.
  • I will laminate page one doors and cut slits for the doors to open and open. Cut the doors across the top, right side, and bottom. I will use a razor knife
  • Attach magnets on the back of the doors, corners of page one, and on each item on page two.
  • Attach page one doors to a magnet board. I like baking sheets from dollar stores. Keep other items separate.

Classroom Use:

Set up the game board on a magnetic surface and place an item behind each door. Hold up the game to the camera and tell the student we will go trick or treating. Teach a little song, “Knock, Knock…trick or treat.. Give me something good to eat.” Ask student to chose a door to open by number. Open the door and reveal a candy or other item. Sound effects are fun! The more spookier the better. For example: for bombs, I will OOOOOH, KABOOM. Have fun!

FREEbie printable, Click Here

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