Prime Day Deals for Online Teachers 10/13-14

It’s Prime Days and there are some great deals for online teachers. Here are some favorites that I like. I also included something NOT to buy too! Read to the bottom and stay away from this one. It looks good, but it’s a no, no.

Please note: These are affiliate links and small portion of your purchase comes back to me.

The most amazing headset, Corsair Void, $54.99-Reg $75, Click Here

I adore my headphones. This pair can’t be beat. The sound quality is amazing. I wear these for hours without issues and love mine. I have the wireless pair (these are wired). I love my pair. I can hear my quiet kiddo on 30 percent volume! These are amazing! Truly!

Good Device at a Good Price, Dell Computer, $1402-Reg 1795, Click Here

My personal device is an ASUS. I love this brand and if you can afford it, I can’t say enough good things. This is a comporable device with good things going for it. This has a built in 4K webcam (no external needed), 1TB SSD RAM (this is solid state and good for tasks), i7 processor (yes), and more. Need a guide to help you purchase, I’ve got an easy to understand tech guide for my email subscribers. Visit:

Ice Cream Play Set, $8.79-Reg 10.99, Click Here

Ice cream is a kid favorite. These stacking cups are a fun game that you can plan and toppling over things is wildly popular. This is great for trials too!

Gaming Mouse with Programable Buttons, $48.99-Reg 79 Click Here

This gaming mouse includes buttons to program the presets you change to with Manycam. This means you can click a button to change between rewards, lesson slides, and your camera view. This is a game changer. I have one and use it all the time!

Ring Selfie Light, $20.00 Reg 25 Click Here

I like this one because it is on a stand that can be placed on the desk top. It has lots of light features that include warmer light. Also, this has a USB plug for power so if you experience a power outage this can be your back up lighting too. A great deal!

Basics Posters (to cut into flash cards) $7.99- Reg 9.99, Click Here

I would purchase these and cut them up to make flash cards to use in class. There are great number cards, color cards, and shape cards here. I would leave the number one to hundred and alphabet as a reference chart here. This is a helpful set at a great price. Great for teaching lower levels.

Warning! DO NOT BUY

This map is not an approved may by the Chinese Ministry of Education. If you are teaching students in China, you must use the approved map. This is not approved, do not buy it.

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