Increasing Student Output

I work hard in my classes to increase student output. The start of class is a powerful time to get to know your students and ask about their life. I use this beginning of class to build conversation with my students.

Class Conversation Beginners

Students who are new English learners will not be able to have conversation with you. They will need to speak and have support. I do this by asking familiar questions that they know. I use a conversation card (pictured below) to support my student. I always expect a complete sentence. I begin with:

What is your name?

How are you?

How old are you?

Class Conversation More Experienced

I use additional sentences to speak and ask questions at the start of class. Questions about school, family, and food are common.

I like to use the question about family featured on this conversation card. I use the popsicle stick prop to teach the student to ask the teacher the same question.

Class Conversation Advanced

In the upper levels and with more advanced English learners I use conversation building activities that are more open ended. I ask them questions like:

Tell me about school….

Tell me about your room…

Video Tutorials

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