Chinese National Day, 10/1/20 and Culture Items, Freebie

Thursday, October 1st is Chinese National Day. This day is China’s birthday. It is similar to the 4th of July celebrations in America. This special day will be celebrated in China with a 3 day National Holiday. In addition, the Mid Autumn Festival falls on the same day. Please read this article about the holiday.

Dates of Holiday, 2020

Here are the dates of the holiday for our students in China. Please note that many students will attend school on Saturday, 9/27 and Saturday, 10/10 to make up for these days off. The holiday for most students will be from October 1st to 8th.

Chinese Culture Items and Reward

Celebrate with your students in your online class with these Chinese culture items. If you are a VIPKID teacher, these items are perfect for the unit in LEVEL FOUR, Unit three.

Classroom Use

-stars to add to a red background to make China’s flag and a birthday cake for National Day (sing Happy Birthday to China)

-calligraphy, architecture, empress, emperor, pagoda, Summer Palace, Terracotta Warrior, Great Wall, watchtowers, statue, Temple of Heaven

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