What’s up with NMC? What is it?

Recent curriculum changes are occuring as VIPKID restructures some units and levels. Don’t be confused by these changes! Let’s break these down in simple easy terms. Please make sure to reference the teacher portal on computer to see these changes in more details from VIPKID. Click Here

What is NMC?

NMC stands for N new, M major, C course. This new heading signifies that these are an updated version of the old MC curriculum. You’ll often see changes in the number of classes in the unit, number of changes in the level, and changes to the UA classes. There are changes to more interactive features and slide curriculum changes too.

In addition, some of the levels now include review video lessons and other elements.

Class Changing and Parents

Parents can select to change to the new levels at any time. They can select to continue with the current curriculum and when they purchase a new package of classes, they will change. You may see notices that your curriculum has changed. Please expect many more of these in the future. More and more parents will change over to the new curriculum.

Look for these coming soon!

NMC-L1- These are the iMC classes

*NMC-L2-These are interactive level two, updated and courses and units cut,

*NMC, Level 3- These are level three classes, cutting class number 5 and 11

NMC, Level 4, 5, 6-There is so much information here, Read about it, please

*I made a helpful printable guide for the changes in Level two (units gone) and Level three. Get this printable, Click Here.

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