Dino’s Chinese Culture Items

In my classroom teaching online, I have found that teaching our students about items related to Chinese Culture in English is very interesting. I use items that are familiar and teach my student the names in English. Please enjoy these cultural items with your student.

Pronunciation help

In order to pronounce Chinese cultural items that are not familiar words to us, I usually rely on my student to help. In class, I will ask them to read the word that is familiar to them in Chinese. In order to say each word, I usually write a simple phonetic spelling. Please forgive my phonetic sound spellings below.

jiao-sounds like, “jow”, rhymes with “how”

hong bao-sounds like, “hung, bow”

Assembly Suggestion

I like this style reward laminated with velcro. Velcro pieces keep the items on the background. I will place five items on one side and the rest on the back side of the reward. Velcro keeps it all together in one grab and go spot. If you select velcro, you must laminated. Velro removal rips paper.

Some online teachers like using magnets on the back and adding the background. If I used magnets, I would get a cookie sheet and place the background on it. I would cut each piece close and add a magnet on the back. I use neomydium 6x2mm magnets. If you choose magnets, you can print cardstock to reduce the glare.

Classroom Use

I will use this as teaching tool and reward system. I use this in class as a teaching tool by having the student say the Chinese Cultural items. I would teach a sentence , “Dino has chopsticks. Dino has a fan.”

I would use this in class as I reward stars to give the student an item from Chinese Culture. At the start of class, I will say, “Today, Dino will get things from China.” As I reward stars in the classroom, I will show another thing from China. I will add this item to the background image.

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