Back to School Teaching Tool & Reward

It’s back to school time. In my online classroom my students are gearing up for returning to classes. In my online class, I use this special teaching tool to share the special words and vocabulary for back to school time. This resource can be used as a reward too and given in class to the student. Here is how I use this in class.

Assembly Instructions

I design rewards and teaching tools to mazimize printing space on sheets of paper. I prefer to print and laminated. In this context, matte laminate is not necessary. I find that using regular laminate works. When I have a tool with many pieces, I prefer to have it laminated and apply velcro to attach the pieces. I hate loose pieces! I will print and laminate this tool. I will cut close around the items and then place them on the background.

Classroom Teaching Tool

Using this in class as a teaching tool will help the student learn school vocabulary. I will begin class and say, “Today we will go back to school. Let’s get ready for school.” I will add each image of the vocabulary word to the reward and attach to the background.

Sentences I may use depending on level are:

This is a marker.

A marker is for school.

I use markers for school work.

I use markers for homework.

Classroom Reward

In class I like to use rewards that go along with special events. I will begin class and ask the student conversation questions about back to school time. I will then engage the student in class with a reward with items and vocabulary for back to school. I will pause class and say, “Good job! You got a marker!”

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