Hot Pot Reward, FREE Printable

Let’s have fun in class and create a fun hot pot soup for our students. Teach vocabulary as you reward this in class. This reward includes vocabulary words on the items and is interchangeable. Use this will all levels in your online classes.

Assembly, Velcro

I assemble my rewards in a special way. Here are my steps:

  1. print out reward
  2. laminate reward
  3. cut close around food items
  4. place velcro on the back
  5. attach velcro piece food onto the pot. I usually put around 5-6 on the front side. I attach the rest to the back of the reward.

I prefer velcro for rewards with many pieces. This keeps things organized and all pieces attached and together. You may enjoy this with magnet too.


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  1. Hi Amanda Panda Teacher!

    Do you use magnets on some rewards and Velcro on others like this Hot Pot? I use magnets only, but curious why you use Velcro too?

    Teacher Tracy in NC 🙂

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