Disney Characters and Castle, FREEBIE PDF

There are certain things in our online classroom that are pretty universal. I have to say that Disney is one of them. The classic characters and castle are recognizable for our students. Many students have traveled and visited Shanghai Disney. Some online teachers have even held classes with their students while they visit this fun place. It’s a kid favorite!

I like to use these in my online classroom. It is one of my students favorite rewards and sure to get a smile. Here is a free printable PDF two page reward system.

I like to use these and teach the student the character name. I also teach a sentence, “Mickey sees the castle.” If the student is an upper level student I teach them, “Mickey visits the castle.” This versatile reward is fun to use in our online classroom.

Note: These Disney characters are not mine. They are for your FREE use in your online classroom. Enjoy!

Disney Castle Printable, Click here

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