End of Unit or Level Celebrations, FREE PDF Certificate

I celebrate with my students at the end of levels and units with a fun certificate. Our students work so hard. They take special classes, have hoards of homework, and have long school days.

Since we are teaching students one on one in our online classroom, we have the opportunity to celebrate our students individually. Imagine our students surprised faces when we celebrate them!

Dollar Store Frame

I purchased a dollar store certificate frame for my certificates. I use this because it gives a sturdy background for me to write and hold up to the camera. This allows the use of one certificate inserted inside the glass and I tape one on the back (see images below). I write with dry erase on the certificates and erase after writing my students name. This makes them reusable for any course that I teach.

Certificate under glass in frame.
Certificate laminated and taped on the back of the frame. It makes this double sided.

Link to Free Certificates to print, Click Here

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