Fourth of July Resources for Online Teachers

I am getting my classroom ready for a week about America. Fourth of July is a fun holiday to teach our students in China. In our online classes we are teaching the culture of the country we are from as well as English skills. Celebrating your culture is important and students enjoy it. Create special moments in your online classroom by using these resources in my blog.

America’s Birthday-Teaching Tool

I teach this as America’s birthday. Students have a celebration in China that is similar called, National Day. This is October 1st. I use this teaching tool to help teach my student about the holiday. Depending on the student’s level I will discuss the similarities and differences using this teaching tool. If the student is a lower level student, I will sing Happy Birthday to America and hold up a cake and flag in class for America’s birthday.

Holiday Themed Rewards and Stars

In class my rewards and stars will be USA themed too. I will reward stars in class. Meg, Mike and Dino will celebrate too with a fun USA flag reward in class. I will teach about this special holiday all week beginning on Monday, June 29 until Sunday, July 5th. This week will be so fun for my students and I am excited. Here are the rewards I will use.

Classroom Teaching Background & Clothes

My teacher background will be USA themed too. I will display this fun background and teacher name tag on my wall to celebrate. I will wear the colors of America (red, white, and blue) in class for my students. I’ve got a fun star dress that makes an appearance during this week. I really enjoy having a theme to celebrate and my students have fun because I enjoy it. I use this teacher name tag in my background.

Free PDF printables

-Meg Mike and Dino Award, Click Here

-Fourth of July Printable, Click Here

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