Online Teacher Tip- Should I certify in this course?

Online Teachers most commonly asked questions revolve around courses they like or dislike. I often have people ask me if they should certify in a certain level or course for their online teaching company. My advice may surprise you…

I advice you to certify in EVERYTHING available to you. Limiting yourself to teach one type of course or level limits the available student base that can book your classes. During times when many will experience booking shortages, you will have a wider funnel to pull students from. I certify for everything available to me. This means I can teach most students enrolled in my online teaching platform.

I teach a loyal crew of regulars, but it is nice to have some variety during summer holiday times and other times of the years. I love teaching voice and reading classes.

Building an online teaching business means you have to make good business building decisions. Being a professional teacher who teaches a variety can only help build your business. Happy Teaching!

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