New Product/Video, Level 2, unit 8-Colors are Everywhere

This unit in VIPKID is one of my most difficult to teach and requires LOTS of extension because it covers content that most students know very well. When teaching this unit, I have had eight out of ten regulars know all the color names from the first lesson. The only color I had to review was the color orange. I taught these classes and build resources for extension into my unit on ETSY and TPT. This unit requires lots of supplemental resources and extension to fill the class time. Here are my tips for teaching this. Watch the YOUTUBE video at the end for tips and tricks.

Popsicle Stick props-double sided with extension

Notice that the popsicle sticks have the colors on one side and something fun that is colorful on the back. This helps to create an opportunity to have conversation with students and extension. Have fun!

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