Unit Assessment Resources

Unit Assessment Projects

Let me tell you a secret…shhh!!!! Almost EVERY kid that I teach brings their project to the UA’s. I teach a loyal crew of regulars that I have trained and explained how to do them. They have been instructed and taught and bring their project to class every time. People ask me how I do this? Let me share my resource.

Explaining student Unit Assessment Projects for lower levels is a problem. Unless the parent helps them to translate the directions they often do not understand to use paper, pencils, and crayons. I use this tool to help me. When explaining the project, I point to each box and show the image related to the words that I say. I say SIMPLE words. Watch this video below to see how to use this in the classroom. Class clips included.

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My Built in Reward for UA’s

There are lots of questions about using rewards in Unit assessments. I use a tracker and add a check as my reward for each level that we complete in UA’s. I do not use a supplemental reward in UA’s. I find that I do not have time to add this in. Watch this in action in the video below. Class clips included.

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