Level Two, Unit 9-Neighborhood

I’ve been planning something big! I have been testing and using some resources for level two classes. I am a BIG fan of props and resources. My new project has been to create resources for my classroom for my level two students.

I am lucky to have taught EVERY level two class from the first class to the last class with two of my regulars. It’s nice to see the scope and sequence. Here’s what I learned about level two.

  1. Realia and images that are real are key!
  2. Extension activities should include extra practice reading.
  3. Students in level two need sentence stem support.
  4. Practicing the high frequency words is key to future reading success.
  5. Using the reward slides and the warm up songs to teach vocabulary is important.

I am so happy to say I’ve am ready to create and share. Here’s a new listing in my ETSY shop for the Level 9 unit on Neighborhood. I crafted this with organization in mind. The popsicle stick tools are the perfect size for the camera. The card set is ring clipped and easy to organize. In addition, the resources in this unit are organized by color. This unit is yellow colored. Each level will be a different color in the future.

This special crafted includes:

– 10 double sided teaching tool vocabulary popsicle sticks

-reward slide extension tool

-labeled neighborhood with all vocabulary words

-High Frequency word cards

-Sentence Frames cards

-Extension vocabulary reader for early finishers

Click Here to view the listing for this new product here!

Other Units coming soon! I’ll bundle all of them for Sale-digital download crafted when I am done with all of these. Hooray!

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  1. I get excited every time I see a new blog post from you! Amanda, you and your products are absolutely fabulous and have done it again with this new series about the neighborhood! Beyond the moon when I read down further to find out that after they’ve completed the different levels they will be for digital download! I would like to specifically thank you for having two different types of props, flash cards that can be put on a binder ring and my ever-favorite popsicle stick!

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