Godzilla and Ultraman Battles, FREE PDF!

Our students are often not engaged in lessons. They are tired and overworked. They are busy with classes and school. Catch their attention and play with them in class. The most powerful learning happens when we PLAY and LEARN. Have fun with these FREE PDFs!

Godzilla Reward Click Here

Ultraman Reward, Click Here

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  1. Hello Amanda,
    I have a random question, I have a iMC L1 class scheduled tomorrow. I have previewed the slides and the info in certifications portal; I cannot find a button to give a star, I will have my own rewards, however, where is the star button! If you have taught any of these classes, please let me know where it is. I love all your ideas and have incorporated many of them, I especially like the pill container for the days of the week.
    Thanks, Chris

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