Fidget Spinner Holiday Reward-A winner with big kids and little kids too!

Meg, Mike, & Dino fidget spinner game

Have fun in class and play with your reward. This fidget spinner reward is best for all levels of students. Big kids, little kids, and all those in between will enjoy this game. Here is how to play.

Print all images and cut out. I like regular paper prints laminated. Place large or small Meg, Mike and Dino on background, clip board, magnets or similar solid surface. Cut out small images of Meg, Mike and Dino and tape onto fidget spinner. Cut out gifts and ready. I like to use velcro, so I would attach velcro to the back of gifts and on Meg, Mike and Dino. To reward in class, spin the fidget spinner and give each character a gift if fidget stops on them. Teach vocabulary, Santa Meg, Santa Dino, Santa Mike, Present or gift. Sentence frames: Santa Meg has one gift. Santa Mike has four gifts. Dino has zero gifts. Santa Mike has more/less gifts than dino. Have fun!

Fidget Spinner images to attach. Cut and use tape. It’s easy!
Get these cute gifts ready to give to Meg, Mike and Dino.

Link to download printable for the game: Link Here

You Tube Video: Link Here

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