2019 Christmas Background

Deck the Halls with boughs of holly! Tis’ the season for Holiday Backgrounds. Here is my special 2019 Holiday background. I am so excited to show my students. It’s so fun to create, teach with, and use this in the classroom. I will teach fireplace, fire cozy, Christmas Tree, Stocking, Santa Hat, Santa, Hohoho, and Merry Christmas. I don’t have the word Christmas because it was too many letters to fit. We can share Christmas with our students. Merry Christmas to you if you celebrate!

Background Elements Descriptions:

  1. Fireplace and stockings-this is a background plastic from Dollar Tree
  2. HoHoHo banner-this is from my Ultimate Holiday Download from ETSY, Link Here
  3. Christmas Tree-Tinsel strands from Dollar Store. I used three of them. I use a wall behind this so push pins are straight into the wall. I started at the top and then zig zagged with the tinsel.
  4. Merry banner-Ultimate Holiday Download form ETSY, Link Here
  5. Meg, Mike and Dino in Santa Hats-This is a free printable from my Google Drive Share. Link Here

FREE resource, Meg, Mike, and Dino in Santa Hats Link above, Happy Teaching! Love Amanda Panda Teacher

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