Teaching Grammar in the Online Classroom

Teaching Grammar in the VIPKID classroom was never something I felt very good at. I tried many grammar tools and didn’t find one that worked for me. It felt frustrating! My student’s grammar skills were lacking because I needed a useful too. I attached this white board to the wall behind me and used it to write the pronoun and conjugated verb. I found myself erasing and writing a lot. He….jumps, they……jump, she…..jumps. I wrote over and over again the same words. I had to turn behind me to write. This tool wasn’t working for me.

The Dollar Tree or similar thrifty dollar store has white boards at a reasonable price, so I grabbed an extra during a shopping trip. I thought about how I could make this white board usable over and over without rewriting. I created the pronouns on my computer with images. I printed and measured to get the correct fit and attached the pronoun to the white board. Here’s my first version of this teaching tool.

I started using this in my classes. Students really understood. I held up this tool close to the camera. In class, I used this to prompt for the verb conjugation that we were learning. My experienced students don’t even need me to write the verb in class. I can point and remind them gently and give corrections with my finger. This tool really helped my students to understand verb conjugation. It helped them to see how to conjugate using the pronouns. It was a HUGE improvement. A great tool can really help students to understand.

This teaching tool has undergone many changes to be improved and perfected as a tool. I perfected this as a tool for sale in my ETSY shop. You can purchase the printables to print and assemble at home or you can get this fully assembled with a white board. This listing in my ETSY shop is a GRAMMAR three in one. This bundled set comes with conjugating verbs (white board tool), possessive pronouns teaching popsicle sticks, and demonstrative teaching popsicle sticks too (this, that, these, those.) Visit my ETSY shop for this listing. Link HERE

Video Instructions: YOU TUBE Conjugation Verb White Board- Instructions, Class Clip

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